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Filofera Design is an innovative design company that believes strongly in the use and introduction of new and creative ideas in the expression of art as well as in daily life. Life inspires art and art inspires life. Filofera prides itself in being able to embody the spirit of life in its production of artistic works. A local bumiputera company originating from the land beneath the wind, Filofera Design mainly engages in graphic design and fashion. It also hosts events promoting the local art industry, as it believes art is a celebration of life.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Upcoming PAGEone Event: Mysterious Horror through the Lenses

Get ready for the next PAGEone event! The date has been set: 30th October 2009. And you've guessed it. It's Halloween Theme everybody.

So dare to scare and come dressed up in the most hair-raising, spine-chilling, blood-curdling, and spine-tingling outfit you can think of. PAGEone is all about creativity.

Joining in the fun will be the WJWJs (We Just Wanna Jam). They have great performances lined up just for you.

If you've got any spooky creations / talents to sell or showcase, don't be afraid to contact us at We promise not to bite.

Did we mention that we're having a photography competition. We're looking for the creepiest photos! There'll be amazing prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners. So get ready to join in our Camera-Head Competition. More details soon!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Filofera Launches First PAGEone Event

It was on Friday, the 4th of September that Filofera successfully launched its PAGEone event. It began at 3pm at the Olde Station Kopitiam at Damai Point, Kota Kinabalu. It was full-house all the way.

If you're wondering what PAGEone is all about. Read on.

PAGEone is an event that aims to feature and promote the talents of the local art industry as well as anyone who regards themselves as creatives -be they designers, poets, writers, photographers, artists, musicians, or cartoonists. By providing a platform to showcase their talent as well as put their creations on sale, the event aspires to bring together the many different art forms onto the same page and highlight them to the public.

Creatives that came to showcase their talents in the first page of PAGEone (pun intended), were:

♥ The Notti Store from Karamunsing
    - Owned by En. Zul, selling t-shirts with funny sayings.

♥ Independent Designer Mr. Invisible
    - Selling funny t-shirts and car stickers.

♥ A collector of rare miniatures, Fung
    - The miniatures were put up for sale.

♥ We Just Wanna Jam (WJWJ) Band
    - The band were made out of Teddy on the auto sax, Lazman on drums, Mahfuz on 1st Guitar,  Daniel on 2nd Guitar, Shaun with percussion, and Jimmy on the keyboards. Performing with them that night were guest vocalists Tutty and Pot Amir from the famous Innuendo. They performed a few covers as well as their own songs. Their CDs were also on sale that night.

♥ Mr. Raimon
   - Performed a song on 2nd Guitar.

We Just Wanna Jam Jamming

PAGEone Beauties ;)

Marilyn (middle) from Breeze Magazine, and friends.

Pot Amir from Innuendo